Delightful Istanbul Winter School

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Since 2015, Istanbul Aydin University International Short-Term Education Programs Office has been organizing short-term education programs such as summer-winter schools, training camps, short-term language training courses for both incoming and outgoing students.

There are 2 main programs, "Delightful Summer School" and "Delightful Winter School", designed for all international university students around the world. The trainings take place face-to-face at IAU Halit Aydin Florya Campus, depending on the course selected by the students. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, training education program continues online. Students have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills through online learning.  All students have access to synchronous lectures by IAU instructors, reading materials, videos and discussion forums on the digital learning platform of IAU.

This year, the "Delightful Istanbul Winter School" training program was held between January 24 - February 5, 2022. Within the scope of the training program, Faculty Member of Faculty of Medicine and our Center's Director Assist. Prof. Dr. Arta FEJZULLAHU contributed to the program by giving the "Genetics and Medical Biotechnology" course. IAU Delightful Istanbul Short Term Curriculum Model continues to be both a beautiful and an important part of our University  on behalf of Internationalization. 

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