School of Foreign Language has undertaken the language education duty of Istanbul Aydın University and is making efforts to teach our students a new language by using the most modern tools, equipment and technologies since its establishment in 2008. The purpose of the School of Foreign Languages is giving English Language Education to the students of the University by observing and coordinating their works in units such as

a. English Preparatory School Program,

b. Modern Languages Program,

c. Russian Preparatory Program,

d. Spanish Preparatory Program.

School of Foreign Languages has three two-year applied translation programs in English, Russian and Spanish apart from these preparatory programs. There are two four-year Translation and Interpretation departments in English and Russian.

An Exemption Exam applied at the beginning of each semester to the students who have been enrolled in the first class of the School and faculties after completing the Preparatory Program and all students who have attended the university for the first time and finally the successful ones are exempted from the lectures. The other students are lectured 3 hours of General English lectures per week. In Vocational English lectures taught in the second year of schools and faculties, it is aimed that the students will be able to follow the publications related to the scientific fields they are studying and will have full knowledge of the related field's terminology.

It is intended to provide students with the opportunity to acquire the qualifications required for the Vocational English courses they will attend in the following period with the English courses taught in fall and spring semesters to the first year students of both Schools and Faculties.

For the first time, an internet based support program have been added to the English service courses taught in departments and programs. This practice will continue to support English learning for students outside the classroom during the following semesters.

In our university, we have speaking clubs to help our students to use and speak English more frequently. In these clubs, 10 Turkish students and 2 native English speaker students are brought together and given 2 hours per week to practice conservation within the framework of the curriculum determined.

"Language Competition between High Schools" is held every year in Istanbul and various prizes are given in order to identify high school students who use English in the best way with the purpose of bringing them in our university.

A Translation Office has been formed to serve the students and staff our university and the successful students have the opportunity to practice their future professions under the instructors' watch in this office. In addition, the translation works of our university has been concentrated in one center.

Our School opens English courses every year after evaluating the English course requirements of administrative and academic staff working at our university within the scope of compliance program for European University Association Institutional Evaluation Programme.

A modern simultaneous translation laboratory has been put into service for the students of the Translation and Interpretation Department. This laboratory can be used by 35 people at the same time to translate in 3 different languages and many international small-scale meetings were held in these laboratory.


The main duties of the School of Foreign Languages in universities are preparing the students who will be studying foreign language on this subject and making them reach a certain level as stated in the Article 49 of the Higher Education Law.

The main mission of the School of Foreign Languages is providing the students of Istanbul Aydın University with the opportunity to follow departmental courses and providing education for the students to effectively reach the resources related to their departments.

The another mission of the School of Foreign Languages is educating the students as creative, constructive, intellectual and knowledgeable individuals.


The vision of IAU-VSFL is maximizing the quality of education to the highest level considering the facts of our time, providing rational solutions to the problems of the students and faculty members in foreign language.

Our university has prevented foreign language learning from becoming a boring occupation by making it fun and transformed this process into a professional language learning with the physical possibilities provided for our students and the qualified academic staff.

Performing efficient and quality service by providing motivation for our students in foreign language education and benefiting from the possibilities provided by information technology which has recently become widespread in language education.

Forming the required substructure for those who want to learn a second foreign language.

Providing an environment in which our students of translation and interpreting department will be able to develop themselves in written interpretation field and educating them as individuals ready for business life.

Undertaking the duty of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting required during international professional meetings organized by the university are some of the most important visions of our vocational school. 

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