School of Foreign Language (SFL) has undertaken the language education duty of Istanbul Aydın University and is making efforts to teach our students a new language by using the most modern tools, equipment and technologies since its establishment in 2008. The aim of the School of Foreign Languages is to offer language education in English, Russian and Arabic at international standards to the students of the University. As well as English Preparatory School, School of Foreign Languages has four-year Translation and Interpreting departments:

1- English Translation and Interpreting

2- Arabic Translation and Interpreting

3-Russian Translation and Interpreting

These departments also have Preparatory Programs.

The School, responsible for the planning and execution of the foreign language programs of the faculties, colleges, and institutes within our university, offers English education to the current preparatory class students in the units of our university.

The English Preparatory Program offers two semesters of compulsory English preparatory education for students enrolled in undergraduate programs in English. This education aims to provide students with the basic language skills they will need in their departments.

Students who enroll in the first year of the Schools and Faculties and all students who come to the university for the first time are required to take the English Exemption Exam at the beginning of each semester, and successful students are exempted from English. Those who are not successful in this exam are given 3 hours of General English lessons per week. It is aimed to provide students with the opportunity to acquire the necessary proficiency for the Professional English courses they will take in the following semester, with the English courses taught jointly in the fall and spring semesters to the first-year students of the Schools and Faculties.

The aim of the Vocational English courses taught in the 2nd year of Higher Education and Faculties is to enable students to follow the publications related to the fields of science they study and to master the relevant terminology.

Our simultaneous interpreting laboratory, equipped with modern tools, is used by the students of the Departments of Translation and Interpreting of the School of Foreign Languages. The laboratory has a capacity of 25 people and is equipped with modern equipment for trilingual interpreting.

Speaking clubs operate at the university to ensure our students use and speak English, Arabic, and Russian extensively. Students are provided with the opportunity to practice speaking within the framework of the curriculum determined in these clubs.

In the Translation Office, serving the students and staff of our university, successful students are provided with on-site practice under the supervision of lecturers. Furthermore, the translation procedures of our university are gathered under this office.

Our School opens English courses every year after evaluating the English course requirements of administrative and academic staff working at our university within the scope of the compliance program for the European University Association Institutional Evaluation Program.

In addition to English, Arabic, and Russian, which we teach at the academic level in our Preparatory Program and Translation and Interpreting departments, we offer our students the opportunity to learn a second foreign language on demand in line with the vision of Istanbul Aydın University.

Hence, we aim to provide our students with an international perspective on social, cultural, and universal issues through the language skills they acquire as the School of Foreign Languages.


The main mission of the Schools of Foreign Languages at universities are to prepare students for foreign language education and to ensure that they reach a certain level where they can effectively use the four language skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening in a foreign language in their academic and professional careers as stated in Article 49 of the Law on Higher Education.

Another mission of the School of Foreign Languages is educating the students as creative, constructive, intellectual and knowledgeable individuals.

Our most important mission is to be a world-class School of Foreign Languages that offers foreign language education in line with scientific, innovative, qualified education, training principles and comes to the forefront with its strong institutional identity and infrastructure in national and international arenas.


The vision of Istanbul Aydın University SFL is maximizing the quality of education to the highest level considering the facts of our time, offering rational solutions to the problems of the students and faculty members on foreign language.

Our aim is to transform foreign language learning into a professional language education by turning foreign language learning into an enjoyable experience with the physical facilities and strong teaching staff offered to our students by our university.

To offer this opportunity to those willing to learn a second foreign language apart from the compulsory foreign language courses.

Train our Translation and Interpreting students as individuals prepared for the professional world by providing them with an environment where they can train themselves in the fields of translation and interpreting, and to provide efficient and quality service to our students in foreign language education by utilizing the opportunities provided by information technology in language education.

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