About Level Placement and Exemption Exam (For New Intakes)

Placement Exam (Free Online Demo:) Click The Link Below To Access a Demo Version of The Exam


Note: Our Level Placement & Proficiency Exam is ONLY for Newly Registered Students. The Language Proficiency Level of the Newly Registered Student is determined by this test. After taking this test/exam, students are placed at the appropriate level in the English Preparatory School.

  1. A1
  2. A2
  3. B1
  4. B2
  5. C1 & Above.

Students with "B2" or "C1 and above" for the 2023 - 2024 Academic Year are exempt from the English Preparatory School. It is not compulsory to study at the English Preparatory School.


Every newly-registered student that is registered to study at a department whose medium of instruction is English is required take a Level Placement and Proficiency Exam. The exam is provided by Cambridge University. Click on the link above to access a Demo version of the exam.  To learn more about the exam, you can also click on the links provided at the bottom of this page.

As mentioned above, when a student has completed the Level Placement and Proficiency Exam, the level achieved by the student appears on the screen. Students lean their level right after the exam. A student's level could be one of the following;

  1. A1
  2. A2
  3. B1
  4. B2
  5. C1 & Above.

a. For a student to be exempted from studying at the English Preparatory School, a proficiency level of "B2" or "C1 & Above" is required.  Students whose level are "A1", "A2" or "B1" are required to study at the English Preparatory School.  
  • Important: Students whose proficiency level is "B1" do NOT qualify for a Writing Exam. In other words, there is NO Writing Exam for students whose proficiency level is "B1".

b.  A TOEFL IBT score of 79 will also warrant exemption from studying at the English Preparatory School. In other words, students who provide a TOEFL IBT Score of 79 are exempted. Please note that the "Home Edition" version of TOEFL IBT is not recognized/accepted by our university. Students who achieved a proviciency level of "B1" or lower in our Cambridge English Placement Test but feel that their English level is actually better, are advised to attempt the TOEFL IBT.

c. According to regulations, students who achieve a score level of 80 in the YDS exam also qualify for exemptiom.

d. According to regulations, students who achieve a score level of 55 in the PTE exam also qualify for exemptiom.


Necessary Documents

Applicants are required to present their Student Card and their passport to the Exam Hall Administrator (Proctor). 

Important: There is a listening section in the exam.  For health reasons (prevention of transmissible diseases), all applicants/Test-Takers are expected to come to the Test Center with headphones (one with a cable, not bluetooth).

Location of Exam Halls / Exam Center

Our Level Placement and Proficiency Exam is Computer Based. This means that test-takers are required to sit at a computer and take the test. Exams are administered in D-Block,, Computer Lab number 2511 and 2512. There will be "Exam Floor Coordinators" to guide applicants accordingly.

Dates of Exam: Exam will be administered at D-Block, 

19.01.2024 (Friday) - Only between 10.00 - 13.00

26.01.2024 (Friday) - Only between 10.00 - 13.00

02.02.2024 (Friday) - Only between 10.00 - 13.00

09.02.2024 (Friday) - Only between 10.00 - 13.00

16.02.2024 (Friday) - Only between 18.00 - 20.00

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