Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement:

As İstanbul Aydın University English Preparatory School, our mission is to equip students with the requisite skills and knowledge to be creative and critical enough in their foreign language learning and acquisition efforts. We do more than our best to provide them with a working environment in which they seize the chance of cultivating their second language skills under the guidance of highly trained and veteran instructors. We do not only aim to give our students the best possible foreign language education but also bolster our students to realize themselves as independent learners. Therefore, we humbly believe that aforementioned main principles will prepare them for their further language and academic studies.

Vision Statement​
As Istanbul Aydın University English Preparatory School, we aim to increase the level of importance attached to English Language academic education  more and more as a part of our education system
We also aim to find the most effective solutions possible to the learning problems students encounter thereby being able to make them reach the highest point in their learning process
Using the cutting-edge technology which is indispensable to the teaching of English in the modern World stands out as the backbone of our language education system at preparatory school
Considering the place our university is likely to occupy among the other universities worldwide, we do our best to provide our students with the chance to be in good command of English language
 With a wide range of social activities it has, its good physical conditions and its prestigious academic staff, our university is bound to be ranked among the best universities in the future

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