Book Lists And How To Order Books


This is to inform you that your 2022– 2023 English Language Program Course Books and Online Program Content includes:


·       Print Books

·       Digital Books

·       Online Exams

·       Online Homework Content

·       Cambridge University Learning Management System

·       Student Reporting Tools

·       Online Classes


The coursebooks are publications of Cambridge University Press and can be ordered at the book stand that will be available at English Preparatory School.  The books can also be ordered through online sales website. (For online orders, the book bag will be sent directly to the address by cargo. Cargo expenses will be paid by the receiver if not paid when purchasing.)  


The set of books ( print and digital books and access codes to all online exams and online content ) will be distributed at Aydin University Preparatory School.  


The access codes inside your print books allow you to have access to all online exams, digital books, online workbook and online classes. Detailed information and user guides regarding how to activate your codes and how to join in your online classes will be sent to your email address. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 0850 611 0303 if you needed any support when activating your codes.


We strongly advise that you order your Aydin University English Language Program set of books as soon as you can in order not to be disadvantaged by delays due to late orders.


Best Regards and Good Luck


Gordion Akademi

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