General Information

The medium of instruction is English in numerous departments and programs of İstanbul Aydın University. Students are required to attain a certain level of English in order to succeed in the courses. At the beginning of each academic year, all students are required to take the proficiency/level examination. As per the examination results, students who demonstrate an inadequate level of English proficiency to carry out their studies in their departments are required to improve their level of English by attending the English Preparatory Program prior to the first term in the respective faculty. 

İstanbul Aydın University English Preparatory School is located at Bahçelievler Campus, providing English education to around 1500 students every year. Each classroom includes up to 20-25 students. Classrooms are equipped with electronic audial and visual systems including digital desk, projection and computers with internet access. 

With a highly qualified, experienced and student-oriented native and non- native teaching staff using modern teaching methods, İstanbul Aydın University Preparatory Program aims to provide the students with the requisite English proficiency to continue future academic studies. 

The aim of the English Preparatory Program is to provide the students with the language skills to ensure that students can carry on successfully in their academic lives, able to express the​mselves and interact with ease in various settings using English as a communication tool. 

İstanbul Aydın University English Preparatory Program is scheduled to ensure students' success through regular attendance to classes, completing assignments, consistent study and use of supplementary materials. English Preparatory system is developed to ensure students of any level attain the targeted level of English within one academic year by adhering to program requirements. It is, therefore, highly important for students to keep in tune with the classes and fully comply with curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

Students have access to all educational opportunities for student success. Students may receive one-on-one study with teachers outside the classroom as part of Remedial Teaching schedule, borrow books from the English Preparatory School library to improve reading skills as well as utilize the digital platforms and other utilities in the laboratories to the fullest extent .

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