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There are a wide range of scholarship opportunities for graduate students at Istanbul A ydin University. 

Scholarship Directive gives detailed information about types of scholarships. Students who enrolled with national examination results can have scholarships mentioned below:

ÖSS (Student Selection Examination - SSE ) Success Scholarship: Tuition fee scholarship for students who have been placed to the departments with scholarship of the İstanbul Aydın University by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center - SSPC) 

ÖSS (SSE) Success Supporting Scholarship: Monthly scholarships for students who have been at the top of the winner’s list of SSE and enroll at the İstanbul Aydın University

Support to Education Scholarship: Scholarships for veterans’ and martyrs’ children and their brothers/sisters as well as Bil Private Teaching Institution students who enroll in İstanbul Aydın University Associate or Undergraduate Degree programs. 

Vertical Transfer Success Scholarship: Scholarship for students who switch vertically to İstanbul Aydın University Undergraduate Degree programs from ABMYO 

Support to Working Scholarships: Scholarship for working students in İstanbul Aydın University for a limited time in a week.
Students who are given an offer of admission to a program (both Turkish and international) receive the following support: 

Halit Aydın Success Scholarship: Scholarships which are in memory of the President of Board of Trustee 

Term Success Scholarship: Scholarships which are paid to students who are having education in İstanbul Aydın University according to the success of the students at the end of the term. 

Sports, Culture and Art Success Scholarship: Scholarships which are for successful students in sports, culture and art fields supported by İstanbul Aydın University 

Other Scholarships: Scholarship which is given by İstanbul Aydın University Board of Trustee under specific conditions.

In addition to the main Istanbul Aydin University scholarships, international students may also be eligible for country-specific scholarships through agreements the university has established with prestigious institutions across the world. You can also apply for specific scholarships offered by your country’s government or other agencies to fund your living expenses, air travel expenses or other costs by checking if Istanbul Aydin  University is an eligible university. If you would like to know more details about any of the scholarships below please email:   

For additional funding you can visit International Student & Staff Affairs at J Block, International Office. 

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