Administrative and Economic Sciences Faculty
Political Science and International Relations

Being an IAU student, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. IAU gave me a new perspective of life, education, professors and most of all,being an international student who had the opportunity to meet other students from the worldwide. Here in IAU, it does not only give you a degree, instead it gives you a lifetime degree and experiences that you can use in the future. The professors are always ready to help the students and be a part of their educational life, and the professors made sure that I was more than prepared to apply my skills toward my career. Having my degree from IAU, I was able to start my Masters Degree in Paris, in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy, Schiller International University. throughout my masters degree, I was able to do my internship in United Nations in New York.

Social Science Intitute

I received training at Istanbul Aydın University (IAU), Istanbul-Turkey, which earned me a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). IAU is well-institutionalized, very-dynamic and with an often-frenzied lifestyle that meets the aspirations of international students. While at IAU, there were days I won as well as days I learnt. Achievements-Acclaimed & Opportunities-Conceptualized are my value added from IAU, thanks to my distinguished lecturers to whom I owe a well-nourished debt of gratitude.

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Social Science Intitute
Political Science & International Relations
Pakistan - 2014

Happiness is when the time changes into the experience and the real meaning of home is a “place” where people are present who helped you to grow professionally. It was my immense luck and fortune to be a part of Istanbul Aydin University for Master program in Political Science & International relations. I got precious moments for a better understanding of my life that learning is not linked with cultural, social, religious aspects but also through international exposure. My success in life and all my endeavors are the results of the unconditional support provided by my faculty & international office. I offer my gratitude to all the faculties of IAU as I have found their guidance lighting up the roads to all my opportunities and I really feel proud to be part of Istanbul Aydin University.

Zainab Nawab MALIK
Anadolu Bil Vocational School of Higher Education
Business Management (English)

Very vividly I remember my university life at Istanbul Aydin. I was received warmly by the international office staff, and their generous guidance was the beginning of new friendships and family like bonds. I learned a great deal from my beloved professors Dr Mustafa Ozyeşil and Dr Emine Tutku, their ardent support and love is still part of my life even 3 years after my graduation. My experience of interacting with international students and different cultural backgrounds at Aydin University made me a more confident and empathetic individual. My student life here shall be one of the most vital part of my life.

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