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  Country Representative



We are currently seeking a international country representative for International Students in Istanbul Aydın University for 2017- 2018 Academic Year in order to be a voice of international student.

International Student Representatives, based in countries who are representing countries, cultures and causes and rights  of international students in Istanbul Aydın University.

In order to become a candidate for IAU Country representative 2017 - 2018 elections you need to fulfil the conditions below;

Please click on the documents to download:

  1.    a) To be a student at Istanbul Aydın University
  2.    b) Country Representative Candidate Application form Appendix_1_ISSA Country Rep._App. Form.docx
  3.    c) Motivation Letter Appendix_2_Motivation Letter.docx
  4.    d) Supporters Signature (Minimum 5 International Students) Appendix_3_Supporter Signatures.docx
  5.    e) Absenteeism should be at maximum %20
  6.    f) The student who did not take disciplinary action.
  7.   g)  Good knowledge of English Language

 Please direct all inquiries and applications to ISSA Office (J Block - Ground Floor) ​.

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