International Student Union (ISU)

isulogo.png​​International Student Union (ISU) at Istanbul Aydin University is committed to tirelessly advocating on behalf of the international student body, leading with integrity and selflessly serving, enhancing the student experience and promoting the image of the University and its students by upholding them to the higher standards.

ISU is committed to assisting international students to become part of Istanbul Aydin University and serves to promote cultural understanding and cultural awareness through activities aimed. It equally aims at promoting the cultural diversity that international students bring to IAU.

An open platform is our motive to encourage students to share, exchange and appreciate each other's culture, and above all looking into student problems and enabling them to have a suitable atmosphere at the campus.

The International Student Union, board is governed with President, Vice - President and other heirarch respectively. The term for presidency is one year and is elected with the voting system among all International Students. 

You can contach with International Student Union via instagram @iau_isu

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