How to Apply for Banderole?

What should you do for the purchase of ISBN, ISSN, Banderole for your Istanbul Aydın University Publications?

Procedures related to IAU publications are carried out under the coordination of 5 units. It is important for the units and the applicant to follow the processes as stated below in order to maintain the processes accurately and quickly.

Graphic Design Department

The first application to receive an ISBN and ISSN is to the graphic design department.

The physical description of the material to be printed is made.

It follows the printing process and makes the publication ready for printing.

If the draft of the book or magazine is ready, the request goes from the graphic design department to purchasing department for printing.

Purchasing Department

It determines printing and printing costs according to the magazine and book draft from the visual design unit. It carries out proposal and decision process.

It conveys the decisions directly to the visual design unit.

The final conditions goes to the Head of University Library and Documentation Department from the visual design unit.

Bureau of Law

It carries out the operations for the preparation and signing of publisher and author contracts in the process of receiving a banderole.

Head of University Library and Documentation Department

Upon the demands from the visual design unit, it commences ISBN, ISSN and banderole receiving processes and shares the result of the procedures with the requesting unit and the Visual Design unit. To get a banderole is obligatory for the books to be distributed. Applications for Banderole submissions are once again conveyed forward to the Library by the visual design unit. Head of University Library and Documentation Department commences the process of receiving banderole.

Inventory Department

As required by the Law on Reproduced Intellectual and Artistic Works published with the decision in Official Gazette numbered 28219, it is a legal duty to send the printed IAU publications coming from the publisher to the enclosed institutions in 15 days at the latest.

Publisher sends the books to the Inventory Department.

Inventory Department sends 2 copies of the books to the Head of the University Library.

Official staff of library checks the book information (ISBN, ISSN, title, etc.) given by the publisher by comparing it with the application document submitted to the Ministry of Culture and gives the approval of posting to the Inventory Department.

The staff sends email reminding institutions and number of books to be posted to the Inventory Department.

Inventory Department sends the books on behalf of the Head of the University Library and notifies the library about the post information.

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