Online Reservation Guide

Please pay attention to the following rules in order to avoid any problems during the online reservation;

1) Each user has the right to use 4 hours per day for MAC computers, lodges, and group workrooms. This rule applies to every user specified in the reservation.

2) Forward-looking reservations requests can be made for 15 days, including the day, entered into the system.

3) MAC computers and lodge reservations will be activated when the process of reservation is done.

4) For Group Workrooms Reservations;
4.1 At least 4 user information must be entered. When the required number of users is reached, the "Complete Booking" link will appear on the screen. If at least 4 of the users whose information is entered does not confirm the reservation, the reservation will not be completed.
4.2 Only those who accept your request from the participants you specified in the reservation application are included in the reservation.
4.3 For your reservations that are in 'Waiting for Participants' status, the relevant area will be closed to new reservations for 15 minutes from the moment you complete the reservation. Reservation requests that have been previously requested but not confirmed by the participant are excluded from this restriction.
4.4 If the number of accepted participants is not reached after 15 minutes, the relevant area will be opened to the other users. When there is a reservation with adequate participant confirmation, reservations that have not reached the number of participants accepted for the relevant area will be canceled.

5)  All participants must be present in Information Center 5 minutes before the reservation time, and the 'Verification Code' must shown to the authorized person. The Verification Code can be found on 'My Reservations' page.

6) Approved reservations can be cancelled up to 1 hour before reservation time.
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