Organizational Policy for Open Archive


The aim is to widely share the academic knowledge through compilation, backup, storage, making accessible of academic studies (article, book/book chapters, thesis, project, report, conference proceedings/presentations, technical documents, data sets, poster, video recording etc.) produced by the academic and administrative personnel and the students of Istanbul Aydin University and establishing an academic archive system that complies with the international open access standards.

Accordingly, our objectives are:

a) To ensure free, easy and fast access of large masses to the information produced within our University

b) To compile and transfer the academic studies conducted within the institution to future generations, with the sense of keeping and storing, in compliance with open access standards

c) To ensure more reference to scientific studies conducted within our University by using them more commonly

d) To increase the impact factors of the publications produced within our University by ensuring easy access to publications at open archival system

e) To publicize the scientific studies carried out at our University at the international level and to increase the recognition and prestige of our University

f) To facilitate the research results to form a basis for another research and to prevent repetition of the research.


This policy text has been prepared based on Articles 4/c, 12/c and 42/d of Higher Education Law no. 2547.


Istanbul Aydin University Open Access System covers all academic studies carried out by the members of our university and supported directly or indirectly by Istanbul Aydin University.

The content of Istanbul Aydin University Open Access System consists of the following materials:

• Articles published in scientific journals

• Articles in the publication stage

• Postgraduate and PhD (doctoral) dissertations

• Conference Announcements

• Seminar texts

• Technical Notes

• Project studies

• Books

• Chapters in the book

• Award winning studies

• Patent documents

• Open Course Materials



Definitions of the terms mentioned in this policy text;
- Open Access: The researchers' free access to full texts of scientific publications free of charge through public internet without financial, legal and technical impediments,
- Academic Archive: Centrally blending the archived publications in corporate academic archives and making them available for open access,
- Embargo: Survey results being closed to access for a length of time (6-12 months),
- Archiving: Process of storage of academic studies that were carried out by the members of Istanbul Aydin University in Istanbul Aydin University Institutional Archive System,
- Member of Istanbul Aydin University: Academicians, employees, graduate and Ph.D. students.
- Consultative Committee: Istanbul Aydin University Institutional Academic Archive Consultative Committee which consists of academic unit delegates, the Head of Library and Documentation Department and the Head of IT Department under the presidency of the Rector or commissioned Vice Rector, 
- Urgent Archiving: Process of archiving and opening to access of the academic studies with their peer-reviewed versions in Istanbul Aydin University Institutional Archive System,
- Institutional Academic Archive: Systems in which academic studies conducted in Higher Education Institutions are archived and made available for open access.
- Members of Istanbul Aydin University are responsible of forwarding their articles approved for publication in an academic journal through peer review to the Institutional Archive (without violating the terms of agreements with publishers). 
- Every member of Istanbul Aydin University approves the storage of the latest version of all academic work to which they intellectually contributed in Istanbul Aydin University Open Archive System, unless they were limited or completely blocked by embargo or similar conditions.
- Istanbul Aydin University graduate and doctoral students are responsible for transferring their completed thesis to the Institutional Academic Archives within one month at the latest. However, the studies that are considered to be applied for patent are transferred to the archive on the same date as the patent publication after the application is made.
- The right to open or not to open the material that is put into the Institutional Archive as full text, providing open access to the institution only, or opening it to access after a certain period of time is determined by the authors.
- The metadata of copyrighted research will be archived as soon as it becomes available and this metadata will be Open Access from the moment of archiving.
- Istanbul Aydin University Library and Documentation Department will work in coordination with the university members for compilation of the publications and their inclusion in the Istanbul Aydin University Institutional Academic Archive System in accordance with the standards.
- Istanbul Aydin University Department of Information Technologies coordinates the processes of setting up, updating, backing up, long-term storing  and providing access for the Institutional Academic Archive System, and transferring data in open access standards to the Open Archive System of Higher Education.
- Members of Istanbul Aydin University can store their studies performed by collaborating with multiple authors from more than one institution, in Istanbul Aydin University Institutional Academic Archive System.
- The responsibility of storing the resources of multi-authored studies conducted by more than one member of Istanbul Aydin University is incumbent on the lead author.
- Scientific studies that are regarded in assignments and promotions along with other internal evaluations are archived in the Institutional Academic Archive System.
- Within the framework of the legal terms every member of Istanbul Aydin University approves to store their works in Istanbul Aydin University Institutional Academic Archive System with a license agreement that is non-monopolistic, irreversible and valid all over the world, in a way that does not violate the terms of the agreements with publishers.
- This policy is followed by the Rector or a Vice Rector to be appointed.
- Istanbul Aydin University Rectorate is responsible for the implementation of this policy. The Rector of the University will assume the role of executive in resolving any conflicts and changes that may arise.
- Istanbul Aydin University Rectorate leads the establishment of the Institutional Academic Archive Advisory Board within the Institution and acts as the executive of this board.
- The Advisory Board consists of the academic unit representatives, the Head of the It Department and the Head of the Library and Documentation Department, under the chairmanship of the Rector or the Vice Rector to be appointed.
- The Advisory Board shall provide an assessment of this policy every year for three years after the Open Access and Institutional Archive Policy took effect, and after this period, once every three years. The board is responsible for revising or changing the policy when it deems necessary.
- Suggestions and opinions will be presented to Istanbul Aydin University Rectorship.

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