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Turkish Education Index 
TR Index 
Council of Higher Education Thesis Center 
Academic Social Science Index 
Turkish Science Terms Dictionary 
arXiv includes 875.424 open access e-journal in the fields of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics, and it is financed by arXiv Cornell University Library, Simons Foundation and member institution.
Archive Internet Archive is a non-profit library involving million of free books, movies, software, musics, websites, and more.
Base (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) gives access to more than 60 Million full texts in the fields of philosophy, psychology, sociology, literature, history, linguistics, technology and art.. 
Biorwix is an open access database which involves publications of life sciences. And it is an online free archive and delivery service for unpublished preprints in life sciences. Operated by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a non-profit education and research organization.
Bookboon more than 1000 course books for students and 600 e-books in 10 languages for business professionals. Over 1500 e-books are offered free for college students, professionals and frequent travellers. The books are available for download in PDF and for world-wide access in seven languages. hosts over 800 course books authored by reputable professors from internationally recognized universities; over 400 e-books authored by specialists from the business world as well as over 300 travel guide published for sights in continents such as Europe, Australia, North America and Africa.
Caltech Caltech Faculty and other Caltech researchers’ studies. In Caltech Authors, most of the documents are essays however also includes sections of books, conference papers, and much more.
Ceramics Web Book qualitative data tables and specifications about ceramic materials.
Cern Document Server bibliographical records, full-text articles, e-books, and photos about particle physics.
Cherm Spider which gives access to more than 34 million chemicals and components free.
Classic bookshelf classical books.
Crossref full text articles published in open access scientific journals, books and standarts. Accessed year may show difference.
DART-Europe access to 420.000 open access research articles of 541 Universities from 27 European countries. DART Europe is a partnership of research libraries and library consortiums that aims to develop global access to European research thesis.
Online Courses online courses from the world's leading universities like Yale, MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Michigan. It is a comprehensive and free source that include a collection of professors notes, videos, audio conferences, open university lessons by professors from Harvard, Princeton and MIT. Both powerful complement source for that who want to further their education and a source for that who want to explore additional training topics and see what can be offered as a university- level course. On the purpose of creating account with an E-mail address, the intended topic titles can be selected and course list can be created.
DOAB Directory of Open Access Books main purpose is increase discover ability of open access books.That list is open all publishers who published all open access and academic, peer reviewed books, provided they comply with open access and academic standards.
DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals; enhancing the ease of use and visibility of open access scientific and academic journals, thus promoting to enhance the use and effect of these journals. Content: Journal is searchable within 9,922 Journals, 5,573 Articles. 120 Countries 1,510,652 Articles
E-PRINT Network includes scientific and professional works generated and shared electronically by the researchers with the intention of transmitting research findings. E-Print Network provides the use of over 31,797 web sites and databases across the world. It includes over 5 million e-journals primarily in physics, basic and applied sciences including subjects such as chemistry, biology and life sciences, materials science, nuclear sciences and engineering, energy research, computer and information technologies.
EDP Science!s=current&l=enFull Text Chemistry, Engineering and Technology, Environmental Sciences, Health, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy, Social Sciences, Human Sciences and Economics.
Espaceret is a database which provides free access to more than 90 million patents. This includes data on more than 100 million patent documents worldwide.
EUDML provides free access to archive of 250 journals which is published in the field of mathematic in Europe.
Econbiz provides free access to research documents in the field of Economics by the German National Library of Economics (ZBW).
Hindawi open access and also Hindawi refereed journals are one of the biggest publisher of the world. It focuses on providing services by maintaining sound publishing standards and editorial integrity with the help of academically-centered editors in institutions around the world.
Hukuk Kaynakları all branches of law approximately 40,000 works, such as books, articles, translations, etc. that published between 2000-2012, systematically lists their tags.
IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)   
International Nuclear Information System (INIS)
Power Reactor Information System (PRIS)
Advanced Reactors Information System (ARIS)
Integrated Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information System (iNFCIS)
Net Enabled Waste Management Database (NEWMDB)
Nuclear Data Services (NDS) veritabanlarını içermektedir.
Intechopen access to 3,175 books, e-books and 7 e-journals in the fields of science, technology and medicine.
National Academies Press US National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council are acting to distribute their reports to the large mass as far as possible.
Ubiquity Press more than 200 books on a wide range of topics in medicine, engineering and science, containing reliable information on important topics related to science and health policy.
OpenDOAR -The Directory of Open Access Repositories lists of institutional open archives' websites and searches through all these indices.
Open Humanities Press:Misyonu Humanities Press, with leading studies on contemporary critical thinking which are available worldwide, is an international collective open access publisher. In humanities, it provides publications such as books, journals etc. in open access.
Open Library loan and full text access to more than 1 million e-books of world classics are available. To borrow a book, it is necessity to sign up for an account.
Planet eBook is possible to access over 80 classic literature books for free.
PQDT Open provides full-text access to theses selected by the thesis writers for publication as open access. The service provided by ProQuest's UMI Dissertation Publishing.
Project Gutenberg'in üzerinde ücretsiz e-kitap sunan gönüllü odaklı ortak bir projedir. Kitaplar öncelikle ABD'de telif hakları dışında kalan eski eserleri içermektedir. Ayrıca bazı ses kayıtlarını da içermektedir. Birçok başlık ePub veya kindle formatında e-kitap okuyucu  cihazlara indirilebilmektedir.
OAPEN is a volunteer-focused joint project that offers over 42,000 free e-books. The books primarily include antiquities other than copyrights in the USA. It also includes some sound recordings. Many titles can be downloaded to eBook reader devices in ePub or Kindle format.
Social Science Research Network is an open access resource that involve law, literature, cognitive sciences, finance, anthropology, economics, etc. It consists of two parts. Abstract Database contains more than 594,400 academic article abstracts and the Electronic Database Collection section contains more than 494,400 full text articles.
USPTO Patent Database Press is an open access publisher of academic journals, books and data reviewed by the referee.
Turkish Cinema Researches Foundation for Sciences and Arts – Published by the Turkish Cinema Studies (TSA) unit,, is a Turkish cinema internet platform where in the front, reflects and interprets the memory of Turkish cinema, keeps the pulse of the current and publishes cinema in like with certain principles; in the background, there are systematic identities related to Turkish cinema in the categories of films, people, books, journals, articles, interviews and theses, and archive database studies on written, visual and audio documents are carried out.
Open Access Journals in Middle Eastern Studies contains more than 500 open access journal lists containing Middle Eastern and Islamic studies.
Academic Researches Index Research Index is a free resource that indexes domestic and foreign academic studies published on the internet.
State Archive can access the publications of the General Directorate of State Archives (Ottoman and Republican period archives).
EBSCO Open Dissertations Open Dissertations ™, created in collaboration with EBSCO and BiblioLabs, is a new free electronic thesis database that provides access to over 800,000 theses. Theses are open to everyone.
Horizon Research Publishing (HRPUB) is a worldwide open access publisher serving academic research and scientific communities by publishing refereed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. As an international academical organization for researchers and scientists, the aim is to ensure scientists, writers, academical professors and students with the most advanced research achievements in an extensive field and ease the academical change among them.
TDV Encyclopedia of Islam Encyclopedia of Islam is a comprehensive resource for the studies will be performed in Islamic studies and Islamic thought as well as in different fields of humanities and social sciences.
MIT Theses MIT Library collection includes 40.000+ thesis which are completed until the mid 1800's.
Islamic Heritage Project the Islamic Heritage Project, Harvard University preserved, catalogized and digitalized hundreds of Islamic manuscripts, maps and published texts from Harvard’s famous library and museum collections. This scant and mostly unique vestiges opened to access the researchers around the world with the Internet. Islamic Heritage Project has been presented to researchers with support of Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. He produced electronic copies of 280 manuscript, 275 room document, 50 maps and more than 156.000 pages for Islamic Heritage Project with Harvard's Open Collections Program.
Europeana Collections provides access more than 15 million digital resources in the Europe's museums, libraries, archives and audiovisual collections
Learned Journal of Turkey Prime Ministry Atatürk Culture, Language and History High Institution and Turkish Historical Society journal is published once in every four month. It opened to access online as from the first number.
Arkitekt database of Arkitekt Journal has been prepared by the Chamber of Architects within the Zeki Sayar Memorial Program (2010-2012).
Journal of the Council of State journal being published by the Republic of Turkey Presidency of the Council of State is available for online access as of the 109th issue.
Journal of Court of Accounts access to all contents of the Journal of Court of Accounts published by Turkish Court of Accounts
Turkish Academic Archive is a database that incorporates institutional academic archive contents in Turkey.
University of Pittsburgh Archive of European Integration (AEI) European Integration Archive (AEI) is an electronic warehouse and archive containing 58,786 document and research materials on European integration and unity.
National Assembly of Turkey's protocols minutes of Parliament consisting of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the National Assembly, the Senate of the Republic, the Constituent Assembly, the House of Representatives, the National Unity Committee, the National Security Council and the Advisory Council since the first meeting of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on April 23, 1920.
DIMENSIONS Billion links associated with 140 Million documents: Profile information and activities of 20 million researchers: appropriation tracking of scientific study: Broadcasts, References, clinical trials, patent and politics doc.
Architecture Journal (1963-2018) magazine, published since 1963 by Architects of Turkey Chamber is Turkey's longest running and most widely circulated architectural magazine. The magazine's headquarters, editorial, co-editors and editorial board is published in Ankara every two months and 6 times a year. 50th anniversary in 2013, entering the magazine, broadcast a half-century architecture and architectural life of Turkey Although the general line with changes in the profession now has achieved continuous changes in terms of content and design to make.
SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online of scientific journals, it also includes databases such as books and Biodiversity Heritage Library.
Art Encyclopedia 
BioMed Central : The Open Access Publisher 
The Adam Health Illustrated Encyclopedia – NLM is an e-encyclopedia that contains information about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries and surgery.
Biographies (General) contains biographical information about Ottoman sultans, presidents, ministers, deputies, ambassadors, academics, writers, journalists, composers, film-actors, soldiers and businessmen.
David Rumsey addition to modern era maps; Around 67,000 historical maps of the last 5 centuries
Canada Thesis Service National Library dissertations
Duke University Library read/examine and download 216 books written in Ottoman Language in Duke University Library online
FirstGov for Science For Science provides access to information sources of official scientific organizations of the United States. This database contains reliable and best information sources in their related fields, which are selected by these institutions. These information sources contains articles, meeting records, databases of technical reports and distinguished scientific web pages. These web pages and databases are scannable together or seperately on the scanning screen. Also educational web pages can be found on FirstGov for Science database.
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts librarianship and information science field, LISTA is well known amongst most prominent reference sources. Lista is indexing journals about librarianship, cataloging, classification, bibliometrics, information management and many other subjects from mid '60s to our date.
National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), releases statistical reports about health topics.
SIL International contains works in Linguistics.
Springer Open Publishing House's open access journals and books are available to access.
Ahmet Yesevi University, Turkish Literature Authors Dictionary Yesevi University facilitated the public to benefit from Turkish Literature Authors Dictionary. A database of approximately 5 million words, with over 14 thousand of entries and 62 thousand of literary works, was created.
Listing of Open Access Databases (LOADB) 1300 of open access databases are available to access.
Manuscript Institution of Turkey of Manuscript Institution of Turkey.
Manuscript Collection of The Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Collection of The Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation.

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