General Rules

- Documentation Center is under surveillance 24/7 by security cameras, security staff and Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) system for the protection of users and collection.
- In cases where the security gate at the entrance gives a warning alarm, users can be searched by the security guard and their bags can be checked.
- The mobile phone should be kept quiet and no calls should be made within the Documentation Center.
- Consumption of beverages other than water and food outside certain areas is prohibited.
- You are responsible for your personal belongings during your use of the Documentation Center. The library or security personnel shall not be held responsible for any theft or missing.
- It is forbidden to study as a group or being noisy within the Documentation Center.
- Group room reservations are made for groups of at least 4 people. Room utilization time is hours
- Library security can check Id cards at any time.
- Users can send their request and wishes by mail to [email protected] or they can say to Documentation Center staff.
- Users must comply with the Documentation Center usage rules from the moment they enter the Documentation Center. Users who do not follow these rules are get penalty
 according to the Discipline Directive of Istanbul Aydın University.

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