Workshop on the Effects of Global Climate Change and Disasters on the Insurance Sector

This year we will be holding the second "International Symposium on Global Climate Change, Environment and Energy" on April 18, 2018 at our University. Prior to the symposium, the theme of which we have determined as "The Need to Combat Major Disasters", we are conducting special studies on insurance systems, mass communication and transportation systems, which we consider as critical areas in the fight against climate change and disasters. The first of these special studies, "Global Climate Change and the Effects of Disasters on the Insurance Sector Workshop", was held on February 15, 2018. The workshops with experts and academics in the field of insurance Serving Institutions at the national level as a result of global climate change that can occur due to reasons such as major disasters or earthquake insurance system in our country for strengthening the insurance industry's present position by evaluating what kind of work discussed the issues that need to be done. The workshop was held under the coordination of AFAM and EPPAM. The workshop was organized in cooperation with TARMER, USAM, İİBF and ABMYO, Yıldız Technical University Natural Sciences Research Center and Turkish Insurance Association. Experts from Anadolu Sigorta, Gulf Sigorta and DASK participated in the workshop.

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