Workshop on Global Climate Change and the Effects of Disasters on Transportation Systems

On March 29, 2018, we held the transportation systems workshop, which was determined as a critical area before the "Global Climate Change, Environment and Energy II International Symposium" and one of the sub-headings.

The workshop is focused on the effects of risks that may cause major disasters (hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, flood, etc.) to transportation systems in the world and in Turkey, the roles and responsibilities of transportation systems in risk reduction activities for major disasters, a new regulation for the elimination of possible problems and appropriate results. and/or developing solution proposals.

The workshop was attended, Hitay Güner (President of the Turkish Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents), Ibrahim Aybar (Retired Chairman of renault mais Board), Sinan Sezen (General Directorate of Highways Study Project Chief Engineer) Bulent Ay (Traffic Safety Manager), Fatma Dilek Akpınar (THY AO Operations Planning and Support Manager), Nur Göktepe - Nilay Coskun (THY Meteorological Engineer), Mustafa Yildirim (Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Association Turkish Road Passenger Transport Council President),  Melis Bostanoglu – Merve Özcan (Foundation for Economic Development) and Prof. Dr. Zafer Aslan from IAU – Asst. Prof. Guven Özdemir, Lecturer Gurbet Ece Zorba participated.

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