Intelligence, Dissemination, Warning and Alarm (IKAS) Workshop

Information Retrieval, Dissemination, Warning and Alarm (IKAS) Workshop it was held in Antalya on 29 and 30 November 2018 under the coordination of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Internal Affairs, Disaster Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD). With the workshop;

  • Developing and updating the Information Retrieval and Dissemination System in a way to include disaster hazards,
  • Evaluation of current capacity,
  • Leveraging stakeholders' knowledge and experience
  • Determining the roadmap for establishing a modern system using new technologies and
  • It is aimed to create a policy that will ensure national harmony and integrity.

As Istanbul Aydın University Disaster Training Application and Research Center, we also worked on the development of the methodology of the workshop, moderator trainings, and preparation of the workshop result report. As a result of the workshop, where discussions took place under 7 Chapters and 24 sub-titles, 11,045 data were presented for 47 different risks. It is planned that IKAS studies will continue with the work of technical groups after the data obtained from the workshop are shared.

2-Haber Alma Yayma, İkaz ve Alarm (İKAS) Çalıştayı.JPG

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