Global Climate Change, Environment and Energy II. International Symposium

We held the 2nd "Global Climate Change, Environment and Energy International Symposium" on April 18, 2018. National and international academicians who are experts in their fields took part in the symposium both through the Organizing Committee, the Scientific Committee and through the notifications. In the symposium, climate changes that threaten global stability and the issues of combating major disasters were examined with a multidimensional approach and the interdependence relationship between them was revealed. In addition, a platform was created to discuss the problems and solutions that have emerged and will emerge with the symposium.

The papers presented at the symposium and the final declarations of the workshops held before the symposium will be included in the symposium book to be published. We organized the "Global Climate Change, Environment and Energy II International Symposium" under the coordination of Istanbul Aydın University Energy Policies and Markets Application and Research Center (EPPAM).

Symposium organized in cooperation with Disaster Training Application and Research Center (AFAM), African Application and Research Center (AFRIKAM), Chinese Studies Center, Social Studies Application and Research Center (TARMER), National Security and Strategy Application and Research Center (USAM), UNESCO Cultural Diplomacy, Governance and Education Chair IAU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Anadolu Bil Vocational School and Yıldız Technical University Natural Sciences Research Center.

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