Disaster Risk Management and Sustainability Project Technical Trip in Living Environments Under the Impact of Major Investments

For the application area of the Project on Disaster Risk Governance and Sustainability in Living Environments Under the Impact of Large Investments, for which TUBITAK application was made with the 1003 code call under the coordination of Istanbul Aydın University, in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University, Arnavutköy District Municipality, Istanbul New Airport Operations (IGA) and Yıldız Technical University we did a technical tour. Project consultants and project team participated in the technical tour organized by Arnavutköy Municipality. During the technical tour, where the examinations were carried out for the Istanbul New Airport, the impact areas of the Kanal Istanbul and Northern Marmara Motorway projects were also observed. The prepared project is aimed at determining the holistic risk governance and opportunities arising from high-level and local planning and investment decisions, to reveal the critical turning points in the spatial development process sustainability of the settlements, to provide the conditions for resilience against disasters, and to increase the environment and life quality aims to develop recommendations.

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