Social and Economic Effects of Disasters and Volunteering in Disasters Seminar

The 17 August Earthquake, which took place in a region with high industrialization and population, affected our country in a wider range. Apart from the high rate of loss of life and injuries, it dealt a heavy blow to the country's economy and experienced a significant decline in production in many workplaces in the earthquake region. As Istanbul Aydın University, we aim for each of our students, who will take their place in the business world of tomorrow, to be ready for the realities of our country such as disasters, as well as their professional life equipment. With this approach, we both try to prevent our students and their families from being harmed in a possible disaster, and aim to reduce the economic effects of disasters with the risk reduction culture they will apply in their business life. In line with this aim, we held a seminar for the final year students of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of our university. In the seminar, we discussed how to maintain economic stability in case of disasters, how to ensure business continuity, individual roles and responsibilities in disaster preparedness, and the social benefits of taking part in voluntary activities in this field.

güncelleme: 15.2.2022 12:31