ISMEP Applications Technical Trip

With a population of over 15 million, its contributions to the national and international economy and its cultural values, Istanbul has been one of the most important metropolises of the world since the last 16 centuries. Apart from these riches, Istanbul is also among the places with high earthquake risk in the world due to its proximity to the North Anatolian Fault Line. Scientific research on Istanbul, which has been exposed to the effects of destructive earthquakes many times in its history due to its high seismicity, also shows that this city has a high probability of encountering a major earthquake in the near future. For this reason, Istanbul's disaster preparedness studies have been continuing with the Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project (ISMEP) since 2006. The reconstruction or reinforcement of public buildings such as schools, dormitories and hospitals constitutes an important part of ISMEP, which is implemented by the Istanbul Governorship Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU) and where many studies are carried out simultaneously in different fields. A technical trip was organized on February 20, 2017 in order to share the knowledge and experience gained in this field, especially in the project, with the senior students of Istanbul Aydın University Civil Engineering Department. Technical trip AFAM, IPKB and TIMA Engineering Consultancy Project and Management Services Inc. carried out in cooperation.

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