AFAM Attended Disaster Prepared Turkey Workshop

Istanbul Aydın University, Disaster Training Application and Research Center (AFAM) also participated in the "Disaster Prepared Turkey Workshop" organized by the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency. The workshop, which was held with the theme of "Disaster Prepared Turkey", in which Turkey's Disaster Education standards were tried to be determined, was started with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Beşir Atalay. Training standards were determined and a dissemination strategy was developed as a result of the workshop attended by NGOs working on disasters, universities and 81 provincial disaster emergency directorates across Turkey. AFAM, which is also involved in the accreditation process within the scope of this important work of AFAD, continues its training activities for "Disaster Prepared Turkey".

AFAM, Afete Hazır Türkiye Çalıştayına Katıldı-1.jfif

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