Basic Medical Sciences

Basic Medical Sciences refer to the foundational scientific disciplines that form the basis of medical knowledge and practice. These sciences provide a comprehensive understanding of the structure, function, and mechanisms of the human body and its various systems. Basic Medical Sciences serve as a crucial foundation for clinical medicine and are essential for healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. The key areas of our "Basic Medical Sciences" include: Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Biochemistry, Biophysics, Medical Biology & Genetics, Microbiology, Histology and Medical Education. These disciplines are interrelated and provide a comprehensive understanding of the human body, its functions, and the mechanisms of diseases. Medical students and healthcare professionals extensively study these sciences during their education and training to acquire a solid foundation for clinical practice and further specialization.

The Basic Medical Sciences is referred as the preclinical part of the study covers the first three years, while the clinical part covers the last of three years of medical education. Each academic year includes 32 weeks of teaching (annual program). The course begins annually in the fall semester. The lectures and seminars of the pre-clinical phase (years 1-3) are taught in Turkish at the university campus "Halit Aydın Florya Yerleşkesi" in İstanbul. 

The first priority of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Medicine is to train skilled, professional and relevant physicians who are equipped for modern health care, with patient care. Our aim is to prepare exceptional physicians to meet the challenges of healthcare in the 21st century.

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  Dean's Message

Dear Colleagues, Dear Students,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine of İstanbul Aydın University. As the Dean of this esteemed institution, I am proud of our tradition of excellence in medical education, research, and clinical practice.

Almost every profession is related to people, every profession brings with it helping someone else in a sense. However, a physician is the only profession that directly serves people and aims to increase the quality of life of a person who has lost the concept of a healthy life. It is not easy to acquire the profession that aims at such a big goal, to gain experience, and to interpret the experience gained, to teach, or to practice this profession. Read more .. 

Prof. Dr. Özgün ENVER, Dean 


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