TV Studio

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Applied TV Education Studio 

Applied Television Education Studio, which has been established in order to provide the skills and qualifications required by the communication sector for students studying in the Faculty of Communication, is located on R Block -2. and -3. floors.

Studio Units Digital Arts and Editing Corridor: With 6 MAC and 6 desktop computers, creative application support programs are provided.

Color Editing Unit: There is a unit to give cinematographic taste to student film projects. 


In our studio which is 186 square meters wide; There are full HD broadcast camera providing wireless IP based data transfer, digital audio, led light and truss systems. 

Decors in the News, Program and TV Series Application Areas 

News Table Decor, Music-Interview Decor, TV Series Decor. Integrated systems compatible with 4K resolution which is enabling wireless IP-based broadcasting are controlled by the main control room.

Sound Box: The room has live music-voice-effects production and 24 channel digital recording capacity.

Camcorder Packages: Our students have 3 full HD cameras suitable for shooting short film and news outside. 

Internet Broadcasting Room: Web TV Broadcast Unit. 

Guest room 

Makeup room


Our photo studio is a modern school photo studio. Our studio has a naturally curved infinite white background made with a concrete / drywall mixture system. And again in our studio, there are 4 Profoto-brand light systems which is approximately 3000 Watt and feet, boom, softbox, octabox and similar accessories helping this light system. Many shooting can be taken in our studio from medium-sized product shooting to fashion shooting; from still-life shooting to desktop shooting including group photos.

Because our studio is organized as a student lesson watching and application studio, it has an area where approximately 60 students can watch and participate in applications. 











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