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We Are A City Letter-Writer 

Every Reporter of Istanbul Aydın New Agency is a city letter-writer. Each of this young people started to write about a holy city Istanbul energetically, optimistically and cheerfully. They wrote non-stop everything about Istanbul. They took over the title of City Letter-Writer from Ahmet Rasim. Young reporters witnessed the details about the life in Istanbul and they wrote by seeing their readers as a member of a community and almost relatives. They aimed to make them feel that they’re belong to Istanbul. Readers should’ve heard all of the voices of Istanbul while reading the city letter from Istanbul Aydın News Agency or the reporters always aimed to make them feel as though they were watching an old black&white film. They exhibited some of their writings in the books they named as ‘’Yeni Hayat (New Life)’’, ‘’Röportaj Hayatın Özüne Bir Yolculuktur (Interview Is A Travel To Life’s Essence)’’, ‘’Bir İstanbul Özeti (An Istanbul Summary)’’or published in the magazine ‘’GÖZ (EYE)’. 


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