Atölye Aydın

Istanbul Aydın University Short Movie and News Lab 

Atelier Aydın was founded in 2019 as the Short Film, News and Television Workshop of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Communication. It was founded by Engin BAŞCI and  Lecturer Orhan TANAKINCI.

Workshop Aydın's coordinator is Asst. Prof. Dr. Engin BAŞCI.

With the participation of volunteer students from 7 departments at IAU Faculty of Communication, Atölye Aydın produces short films, documentaries, television and news programs, podcasts and radio programs, broadcasts live and the content produced is broadcast on ATÖLYE AYDIN ​​YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Continuing its activities with the motto "We Learn While Producing, We Produce While Learning", ATÖLYE AYDIN ​​introduces our students to publishing in their first grade.

The goal of ATÖLYE AYDIN, which reinforces the master-apprentice relationship in the media world with academic knowledge and adds to its work, is to train future communicators who have signed many projects while still in school.


Image 1: We organized an event ‘’A Signature and interview Day with Faik Kaptan‘’ with the collaboration of Atölye Aydın and IAU Advertising Club. We had a conversation with our valued guest Faik Kaptan about the journalism profession, his journalism memories and writing experience at the airport. You can watch our live broadcast on our YouTube page.


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