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  New Media and Communication

With the development and diversification of technology in the area of communication in recent years, technologies which are connected to "new media" have become an important industry in the world. Therefore, the necessity of developing academic approach, theory and practice in the context of new media has arisen. It is aimed to fulfil this requirement with "New Media and Communication".

Technology is produced in line with the individual and social needs of human. With the rapid technological innovations today, transformations in the area of communication are compulsory. The communication process of the individual brings new practices with digitalization. Today, as a result, indispensable elements of the communication process; tools, medium, channel, etc. the media (communication medium), which we express with concepts, has become "new media" with its interactivity, virtuality, digital, hyper-text qualities. With Web 2.0, "new media", defined as a media system that allows duplex and simultaneous information sharing, is a new communication medium, a new media that eliminates the concepts of time and space and differs from traditional media with its characteristics such as accessibility, usability, access.

At this point, conventional education in the area of traditional communication is not enough in today's communication sector. "New Media" education has to be different in order to digitally transport, storage, transfer and reproduce information in the globalized world.

In order to fulfil these requirements, Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Communication's "New Media and Communication" Undergraduate Program aims to educate qualified personnel who can use new communication tools effectively and efficiently, respond to the expectations of this area. For this reason, in the "New Media and Communication" Undergraduate Program, which is thought to open, it is aimed to raise individuals having critical and aesthetic values who can integrate new media tools, in the context of ethical values, digital media and its social networks extensions (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog etc.) with the possibilities of technology, can produce content for these networks and can control and manage these networks with theoretical knowledge and practical applications. In this program which is thought to be opened; by considering in theoretical and critical levels on social media strategies of a brand, its applications in social media, the primary aim is to raise the "holistic" and "application" focused candidates who will become "new media specialist". In this direction; in the New Media and Communication Department, it is planned to provide academic support for the educational programs applied in these departments and for scientific researches, especially in the area of "new media".


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  Message from the Head of the Department

IAU; realizes sustainable and multiplier effect scientific researches and applications by establishing technology producing platforms. New Media and Communication Department; aims to educate new media experts who can renew themselves, experience the latest technologies with the educations they receive, produce applications and content on these technologies. With the VRlab (Virtual Reality Laboratory) which is established in line with these targets, digital communication specialist of the future will be produce technologies that provide virtual representation of reality.

            Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Deniz YENGİN


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