​Our mission is playing a significant role in accomplishing the purpose of communication and promoting, selling the related products or services. In this sense, advertising is gaining importance in the direction of both the demands and expectations of the industry and the application of scientific studies. Undertaking the task of building a bridge between institutions and customers, advertisers are fulfilling a critical function with their qualities and equipment. Therefore, the advertising sector needs highly qualified, well-equipped employees with high communication knowledge and level. 

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  Head of the Department's Message

Advertising emerges as an area of science and practice from ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian civilizations to the present day. Advertising, which is the sub-domain of the Marketing Communication mix, has become an indispensable method in the communication of brands and institutions. Advertising, which reflects the structure and cultural codes of the society and has the power to change them, has become a profession that requires professionalism today. Read More...


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