Aiming to raise young dentists who are able to compete with world-wide dentists in quality and quantity, Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Dentistry continues to render quality service with its large expert staff at Oral Health Research Center located in Istanbul Bahçelievler with its state-of-the-art clinics. 

Invisalign Without Braces Orthodontic Treatment; is a much different treatment than the commonly used metal or porcelain braces and the arch wires and rubber bands applied to them. In orthodontics, Invisalign enables treatment of particularly crooked teeth in a much shorter time with devices that are not noticeable, do not disturb the aesthetic appearance and are extremely bright on the surface. 

Being a comprehensive and reliable treatment method in orthodontics, the effect of Invisalign method has been proven and approved in many cases. This method effectively and practically corrects the curved and crooked teeth. This system enables the teeth to be formed into the ideal position in an effective, accurate and fast way by applying a slight pressure with the help of a moving elastic material. The application is made by creating step-by-step treatment phases with transparent plaques that hardly attract the attention. The plaques are composed of set-ups, classified as soft-medium-thick.

As in other orthodontic treatments, the measurement of the patient is taken and transparent plates (straighteners) to ensure proper movement of the teeth are prepared with three-dimensional special computerized systems in accordance with the measurements. The appearance of the proper alignment of the teeth is visually presented to the patient in the virtual environment at the beginning of the orthodontic treatment.

The treatment must be applied by the orthodontics experts. Thanks to the program technique that plans the process, 3 different apparatuses with different layers are applied every other week during each treatment phrases. 

Advantages of Invisalign Method

Patients can comfortably talk and laugh in the orthodontic treatment process; the apparatus used is made from transparent materials that are hardly noticeable; since they are removable, there is no difficulty in eating; it is easier to clean the teeth after meals. It provides a comfortable, unseen, painless and indolent treatment.

Thanks to its transparency, it provides a complete aesthetic appearance. It does not cause any problems with speech and pronunciation when it is in the mouth. Being hygienic and having a structural feature that does not require special care, it necessitates less and shorter doctor controls.

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