About Us

We have justified pride of receiving the best results for our students with our qualified staff who carry out the activities of career development, on-site application and graduated employment since we have started our journey in 2006. On-site application courses, we consider as the first step in the transition to business life, enabling our students to reinforce their theoretical knowledge by practicing in the steps we have taken with modern, civilized and global education understanding. We maintain this first step taken to support the graduates of our university through carrying out graduated employment activities. We ensure that the graduates, we have accompanied, are employed via the most direct solution thanks to our university-industry cooperation. We continue to support our students with our career development activities.


To become the first University center that comes to mind on meeting the needs regarding part-time, full-time, intern workforce and employment of intermediate staff requirements in Turkey.


To constantly develop and increase the employment / employee opportunities we offer to our solution partners and students with our entrepreneurship, creativeness and foresight. 

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