Career Development Coordinatorship

Career Development Coordinatorship provides service to our university students and graduates on the subjects of preparation for a job, career and psychological counseling, performance evaluation and follow-up; and acts in collaboration with Career Development, On-site Application and Continuous Education Centers while carrying out these activities.

Career Development Coordinatorship

  1. It informs students about the purposes and functions of the Career Development Coordinatorship.
  2. It organizes seminars on "Increasing Career Consciousness" to ease the students' adaptation to work environments and to motivate them.
  3. It informs students about preparation of resumes, preparation for job interviews, work ethics, organizational behavior, etc.
  4. It carries out interest, manner, skill, personality tests and supports students to direct and determine their careers.
  5. It provides guidance to the students who have problems in issues such as success, motivation, targeting, exam anxiety, communication.
  6. It plays an active role in selection of students in accordance with the expectations and quota of solution partners.
  7. It follows-up the performance, success and non-continuance conditions of the students during their on-site application and internship periods by working in cooperation with department presidents. It resolves student-based problems.
  8. High school students planning their future, school/faculty students and graduates looking for jobs, adults and students who want to make new career planning can benefit from the career services of the coordinatorship.


  1. Career Portfolio System (CPS) Services, Face-To-Face Individual Career Consultancy
  2. Career Planning for Companies and Universities, Job and Profession Introduction Seminars,
  3. Face-To-Face Profession Orientation and Choice of Profession Consultancy with Families for Students
  4. CV Writing Techniques, Job Interview Techniques and the Other Educations to Increase Self-Confidence in Cooperation with IAU Continuous Education Coordinatorship
  5. Accurate and Continuous Information Regarding National and International Business Markets
  6. Information About the US and EU Higher Education Institutions

Career Development Coordinatorship puts in effort to throw industry-leading institutions and students together. "VIII. Career Foyer" (14.05.2014) was established with the cooperation of Graduate Employment Coordinatorship in 2014 within this framework.

  1. The students had the chance of having a talk with the managers of industry-leading companies, thus they learnt the business world more closely.
  2. The students had the opportunity of giving their job and internship applications by hand to their respondents.
  3. Leading organizations of sectors recognized our university and students more closely.
  4. The students gained the awareness of that they won't be alone after graduation and they begin to be a part of business life.

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