On-site Application Coordinatorship

Our university has been carrying out an exemplary work for university-industry cooperation by sending its students to companies in sector once a week and ensuring that the students acquire application skills since 2004. On-site application education has become one of the compulsory courses that our students have to take since the spring semester of academic year 2012-2013. Our students have to complete on-site application courses by going to companies once a week during their education periods. Vocational school students take on-site application courses in 2., 3., 4. semesters and faculty students take these courses in 5., 6., 7. semesters.

The course schedules are organized in a way that allows students to spend their one weekdays in companies. Evening education students do not have an empty weekday in their schedules for this purpose. Evening education students can attend to on-site application courses at any time of a week as long as they catch up their courses at Florya Campus at 17:00. The students do not cost anything to the companies during on-site application process except benefiting from the food and transportation facilities provided to the staff of the companies. Social Security Institution premiums of "occupational accidents and professional diseases" of the students are regularly placed by our university during on-site application and summer internship periods. We encourage our students to observe, learn systems, understand business relations and communications, get involved and then make contributions and participate by directing them to the suitable departments of our solution partners in certain days of a week; and achieve mutual benefit and yield from this process.  By this means, students both continue their education and gain practical experience; observe professional business world; build their careers more consistently by knowing what they want after graduating with the experience they got during their education.

The student, who worked in the same company during her/his summer internship and on-site application period, is considered to be a preferred candidate for employment. Because, the student knows the company, learns the system and adjusts to it by showing a good performance during this on-site application process. The companies take the opportunity to train their employees in accordance with their own human resources policies through this system. Students can complete their summer internships and on-site application educations in different companies and sectors. The most significant advantage of this opportunity for students and sectors is that students learn in which sectors they can /cannot work during their education lives. Labor turnover in companies decreases and students aim at the working areas they believe they can work in.

Istanbul Aydın University carries out a solution partnership relation with leader institutions / organizations in their sectors for each program and department. Students find opportunity to take lessons from senior managers and transform their theoretical knowledge into practice through solution partnerships. Also, our students have the opportunity to work part-time and full-time in these institutions and they get employment opportunities in the institutions, where they completed their on-site application educations, after graduation.

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