Graduate Employment Coordinatorship

Being established to continue the communication between the graduates and Istanbul Aydın University and support them for employment, Graduate Employment Coordinatorship has proven itself with its graduate employment rate.

Our university maintains its communication with the graduates through Graduate Employment Coordinatorship. The purpose of the coordinatorship is to direct its graduates to leader institutions in their fields of study, to provide them continuous employment opportunities and to strengthen the communication between the university and its graduates. A resume pool was created by collecting the resumes of our graduates, and they are directed to the companies in communication in order to provide employment. Recruitment processes are carefully followed.

Most of our graduates have been employed full-time. Some of them started to work at our solution partners where they completed their on-site educations and the others were employed by institutions in consequence of the coordinatorship's guidance.

The graduates are called periodically and general information regarding their statuses is obtained to maintain communication and learn the changes. One of the most important purposes of Graduate Employment Coordinatorship is to make the relationship between our university and our graduates permanent.

In addition to that, the coordinatorship gives support to our graduates for the problems they encounter in business life and provides consultancy services by producing solutions. Thus, we aim to ensure that our graduates are permanent and successful in business life. 

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