Undergraduate Medical Education

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Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Medicine Turkish Program has a standard period of study of six years. The preclinical part of the study covers the first three years, while the clinical part covers the last of three years. Each academic year includes 32 weeks of teaching (annual program). The course begins annually in the fall semester.

The lectures and seminars of the pre-clinical phase (years 1-3) are taught in Turkish at the university campus "Halit Aydın Florya Yerleşkesi" in İstanbul. The clinical phase (4th to the 6th year) is completed alternately on campus, Health Application and Research Center Hospital and in leading Turkish teaching-research hospitals. The preparatory theoretical instruction on the campus for the practical periods in the hospitals and during the clinical internships in the teaching-research hospitals, the language of instruction is Turkish.

The first priority of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Medicine is to train skilled, professional and relevant physicians who are equipped for modern health care, with patient care. Our aim is to prepare exceptional physicians to meet the challenges of healthcare in the 21st century.

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