Course Structure

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  1. First, second and third year curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine comprises the Core Program given to all Medical Students of  Istanbul Aydin University as well as some area courses. These first three years named as «Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences Stage» is the education period in which the first, second and third grades are mainly theoretical courses and laboratory practices, which constitute the first stage of basic medical and clinical sciences education. Here in the core courses together with area courses are designed to equip medical students with skills required in medical education.
  2. Pre-clinical first, second and third year courses are structured as consecutive blocks. In these years, basic medical courses and compulsory courses for clinical medicine, as well as basic clinical bridge topics are increasingly presented within an integrated program.
  3. 4. Year and 5. Year Clinical stage starts with an orientation program (clinical communication, hygiene, prevention of nosocomial infections, surveillance systems, clinical pharmacology for recipe writing, etc). 4th and 5th Years consist of clerkships based on clinical training with in- and out-patients.
  4. Protocol with the Ministry of Health: 4+5+6th year students and interns spend half of their in-hospital practice periods in IAU hospital and half in public Training and Research hospitals.
  5. For each clerkship, students complete logbooks with duties and responsibilities according to the Core Curriculum (ÇEP) to present to the academic coordinator.
  6. 4+5th Year students are evaluated and graded out of 100 with written, oral and/or bed-side exams at the end of each rotation. In case of missing or inadequate practice, they are either required to fulfill them or get a FAIL grade to repeat the clerkship.
  7. The course structure, ECTS and course contents of the compulsory-faculty-elective-university elective courses given to medical students can be accessed from the UBIS Course Structure link.

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