General Information

Nursing is a health discipline consisting of science and art responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating nursing services to protect, improve, and improving the health and well-being of the individual, family, and society.

They fulfill the need of nursing of individuals/families, groups, and communities of all ages. Nurses take care of not only physical health but also psychological and social health. They diagnose problems, plan their interventions, apply and evaluate by using systematic problem-solving methods during the processes regarding four main concepts of nursing, which are human, health/disease, environment, the profession of nursing while performing these.

The mission of the Department of Nursing :

1. To meet the human power needed is to contribute to the values of the Republic of Turkey and Istanbul Aydin University in accordance with the mission;

2. The purpose of nursing is educating innovative, entrepreneur, vision holder, responsible and respectable nurses who believe in the principle of life-long learning,

3. Professionally equipped with high-level knowledge, skills, and equipment, responsible to human dignity,

4. Devoted to ethical issues and respectful to human dignity

5. Able to perform during multidisciplinary team works,

6. Following codes of conduct, produce knowledge based on proof, make difference by applying the knowledge s/he produced,

7. Care about the security of the patient, employee, building, knowledge, and technology,

8. Able to see the problem and solve it,

9. Conceiving innovative and leading to change

10. The students who have completed a 4-year bachelor's degree education in the Department of Nursing are awarded a "bachelor's degree" diploma and the title of "nurse".

Department Opportunities:

1.      Minor
2.      Double Major
3.      Studying abroad through international exchange programs (1 or 2 semesters)
4.      The opportunity to continue the master's degree program after graduation

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