The Message of the Head of the Department

Dear Students, 

Nurses are with the individuals we care for in the life cycle from birth to death. Everyone in our society will definitely receive this service at least once or more in their lifetime. Nurses believe that each person is very valuable and unique, and they take an oath to provide nursing care to everyone, regardless of religion, language or race. We, nurses, as honorable members of the profession, love ourselves and then the individuals we care for, with compassion and mercy. Our Nursing Care Philosophy is not to do anything that we do not want done to us, to the people we care for. I heartily congratulate you for being a member of such a special and honorable professional group. Thank you very much for choosing us, ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY, FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES, DEPARTMENT OF NURSING on this valuable journey of your life.

As in all faculties and departments of our university, we train you as a professional nurse with our very valuable teachers in our Nursing Department. Not only in nursing education, we develop your problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, lifelong self-learning skills so that you become a good person and a good citizen. I would like to congratulate all the teachers who contributed to these contributions and express my endless thanks. We will establish a nursing research center and put the evidence into practice in order to cooperate with the hospital and department so that you can practice evidence-based nursing in nursing care.

At the end of four years of training, we will send you off with honor to provide safe and quality service all over Turkey. However, after graduation, we will not leave you alone, we will closely monitor and support you.

As the Department of Nursing, we have completed the necessary preparations for the opening of Master's & Doctorate programs in each Department of specialization and for you to receive graduate education, and we will apply for the approval of the Higher Education Council (YÖK) in the near future. The Department of Surgical Diseases Nursing has completed this process, submitted to YÖK for approval, and the result is in the waiting phase. Therefore, I congratulate the Department of Surgery for this successful work.

Another work of ours is to become a Faculty of Nursing. I would like to give you the good news that we have started the necessary preparations for this. Our efforts to accredit our nursing education are progressing rapidly.

This year, we will hold the "International Clinical Nursing Research" congress between 8-12 December 2022 as IAU SBF Nursing Department. We will provide opportunities for our students to present their papers in English by increasing their research experience by ensuring that our students from abroad and domestically participate free of charge.

Finally, we will work hard for our Nursing Journal to be included in the TÜBİTAK-ULAKBİM national academic network as soon as possible, and then in the international Science Citation Index (SCI).

Everything starts with loving a person, and I love and embrace you all very much.

Prof. Dr. Zuhal BAHAR

IAU, Head of Nursing Department

güncelleme: 31.3.2022 12:40