Nutrition and Dietetics Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives 1: Can provide individualized clinical nutrition care services and provide nutrition education and consultancy services within the ethical and moral boundaries of the Nutrition and Dietetics profession. 

Program Educational Objectives 2: Can plan a menu suitable for the institution in mass feeding systems, follow all stages from purchasing to service and carry out all necessary management, supervision and training processes. 

Program Educational Objectives 3: It can determine the nutritional status of individuals in groups with different nutritional needs by using appropriate tools, and conduct research, interpretation, problem solving, decision-making, implementation and monitoring/follow-up studies on the subject in nutrition-related diseases or problems requiring nutritional intervention, with the aim of protecting and improving health in the society. may be included. 

Program Educational Objectives 4: Can continue their academic, professional and personal development in accordance with the characteristics determined within the framework of professional standards.

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