General Information

​​​​​​Mission: The mission of our department is educating DIETITIANS who are conformed with the qualifications determined within the frame of international standards, have universal thoughts and values, are respectful to the culture of the country and world on the purpose of reserving, improving and promoting the society's health and increasing their quality of health by way of adequate and balanced nutrition for life; providing education, research and consultancy services in international standards and based on science and technology.

The discipline of Nutrition and Dietetics covers the subjects such as the effect of nutrition on health, organization of nutrition programs according to the needs of individuals, preparation of nutrition programs for prevention and treatment of diseases, examination of the processes from the purchase of nutrition to consumption of nutrition for catering systems; identification and evaluation of health problems related to nourishment in the community; raising awareness of the society about nutrition; conducting research and development activities in order to protect and improve public health.  

Department Opportunities:

  1. Minor
  2. Double Major
  3. Studying abroad through international exchange programs (1 or 2 semesters)

Career Opportunities: Treatment institutions (public or private hospitals, polyclinics, health centers, dialysis units...), Catering systems and service areas (food factories, food and beverage sections of hotels, all public and private institutions including catering), institutions providing public health services (maternal and infant health centers, community clinics, nursery for children and old people, sports schools…), food industry, research centers, education institutions, press and media institutions, consultancies, ministries, federations and clubs…

 "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates

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