Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gastronomy is a multidisciplinary field of study that examines the nutrition of various cultures and includes the preparation, cooking, tasting, exploration, research, experimentation, writing, understanding and understanding of the chemical, microbiological and sensory properties of foods, rather than just filling the stomach. Gastronomy actually includes an approach beyond cooking to describe the food world as a whole. It is associated with gastronomy, science, art, sociology, anthropology, history, literature, language, philosophy, economics, agriculture, tourism and many more sciences. Gastronomy and Culinary Arts department education is covered under four basic groups: culinary practices, food knowledge, business administration and art/culture. Starting from the development of basic culinary skills, a gradual training towards professionalism is given in the applications that make up the weight. In addition to these courses listed as Culinary Applications I, II, II and IV, compulsory or elective Turkish Cuisine, World Cuisine, Bakery Products and Desserts, Pastry and Chocolate, Seafood, Vegetarian and Diet Cuisine, Service and Presentation Techniques, Molecular Gastronomy, Courses such as Sherbet Desserts, Product Development and Sensory Analysis are also offered. Courses such as Introduction to Business, Introduction to Organizational Behavior, Food and Beverage Business Management, Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship, Occupational Health and Safety in the Kitchen, Menu Planning, Catering and Event Management also contribute to the development of department students in terms of business administration. Students graduate with sufficient food knowledge by taking courses such as Basic Food Knowledge, Food Processing and Preservation, Food Hygiene and Safety, Basic Principles of Nutrition, Food Quality and Safety Management. Courses such as Cultural History, Art History, Culinary Culture, Mythology, Food Stylist and Photography, Color and Design in Gastronomy, Visual Perception Psychology also constitute the art and culture pillar of education. Graduates of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department have many options to practice their profession. They can work as managers, designers and practitioners in all kinds of businesses where food and beverages are prepared and served, such as hotels, holiday villages, restaurants, bars, catering companies, accommodation facilities, airline companies, cruise ships, hospitals. Graduates of gastronomy and culinary arts can be employed not only in kitchens, but also in related organizations by working in gastronomy writing, culinary culture, food photography, gastronomy tourism, gastronomy, gastronomy communication, food science, nutrition and many more. They can find the opportunity to work abroad in line with their abilities. They can set up and run their own businesses. After undergraduate education, they can pursue an academic career by taking graduate and doctorate education. Gastronomy is one of the rare professions where individuals can express themselves. From the past to the present, it has never lost its importance and will exist in the future. Being open to innovation and creativity is an important privilege. Like any profession, working in this field has its challenges. The most important element of being able to practice and be successful in this profession can be expressed in one word: PASSION…

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  Message from the Head of the Department

Dear Students;

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts have started to find the value it deserves in our country as it is in the whole world and it has become an important profession. As Istanbul Aydın University, we have started to provide education and training in this area since Academic Year 2014-2015. In a short period of time, we completed the substructure and enriched our academic staff. We have created an exemplary training and practice kitchen by adopting the principle of that all professional courses should be practiced under the supervision of professionals. By taking into consideration the expectations of the industry, we have planned the schedule in a way that a student will have the sufficient knowledge and skills to apply, design and manage when he/she graduates. We are waiting for passionate students who want to make a career in this area .. Best regards ...

Prof. Dr. Kamil BOSTAN

The Head of the Department


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