Career Opportunities

​​​​​​​​​​There are many options for the graduates of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department to perform their professions. They can work as managers, designers and operators in all kinds of businesses that food and beverages are prepared and served such as hotels, holiday camps, restaurants, bars, catering companies, accommodation facilities, airlines, cruises; product development departments of food establishments; visual and printed media institutions; education institutions. The can work abroad in line with their abilities. They can set up and manage their own businesses. They can do academic studies related to their fields and become educators.

Gastronomists should have the necessary basic knowledge to fulfill their duties with high efficiency. Therefore, they need to have education for a long period of time. Receiving a bachelor's degree from a reputable university is the minimum requirement to achieve for being a gastronomist.

Success in this profession requires creativity, responsibility, passion and patience. A gastronomist should be able to solve problems and overcome difficulties by applying the information obtained from gastronomy education. A gastronomist should be innovative; s/he should be able to develop products according to industrial standards and developments in gastronomy. In addition to kitchen knowledge; management, organization, economy and marketing skills are needed. They must work hard, dedicate themselves to their jobs and have the spirit of teamwork to advance in the profession.

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