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 Kariyer Olanakları

Graduates of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts have lots of different opportunities. They can work at all types of businesses which serve food and beverages like hotels, holiday villages, restaurants, bars, catering firms, accomodations facilities, airlines, cruise ships, product development departments of food businesses, written and visual media institutions, educational institutions as manager, designer and practitioner. They work abroad. They can establish or manage their own businesses. They can produce academic articles and be an instructor. In order to work effectively, gastronomists, they must have necessary basic knowledge in this field. For this reason they have a long educational period. Having a university diploma from a reputative university is the minimum sufficiency for a gastronomy expert. Being aesthetic and innovative, responsibility, passion and patince is required in order to be successful fort his job. A gastronomist should use his/her knowledge to cope and solve problems. He/she should be innovative; could develop new products in line with the industrial standards and developments in this field. He/she should work hard to be an expert, engage himself/herself to his/her job and have teamwork spirit.

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