​​Dear candidates and students,

Being aware of the meaning and value of art in human and social life, Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Fine Arts gives undergraduate education in the fields of Graphic Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Drama and Acting, Art Direction, Cartoon and Animation and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts that were prepared to accomplish this aim and are in line with "Restructuration in Higher Education in Accordance with Bologna Principles" and have a structure suitable for "Qualification Management System". Also, postgraduate education in Visual Arts, Graphic Arts and Theatre Directing and proficiency in art (doctorate) education in Graphic Design are provided by the faculty.

Our faculty is rapidly improving the necessary international relations on the level of instructors and students with intent to educate graduates who aim to create works that will guide the contemporary world art and design. Realizing the fact that the quality of education in art is parallel with the quality of the instructor, our faculty embodying our country's well-known artists who come to the fore with their works and academicians who are experts in their fields. In this context, our students are educated in accordance with the universal principles and contemporary art values by following the changes in art world and for this purpose, we have been in collaboration regarding education and activities with European and other foreign universities. On the other side, we aim to strengthen the ties between art and society and infuse the indispensable presence of art to the society by way of the activities we have done and plan to do as faculties and departments within the scope of social responsibility projects in particular.

Our department accepts students by talent exams. Preparatory class is not compulsory. Each department has its own programs and accordingly its own course contents and outputs. Besides, the departments enrich their programs with elective courses determined according to the preferences of students. The programs that are preparatory to professional life are mostly applied programs. Our students are directed to their professions with methods specific to the area starting from the first year.  Our main goal is to educate our students as artists and designers who have a strong sense of art in terms of theory and practice. In this sense, it is a privilege to be a student of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Fine Arts. 

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