Message from the Director

Developing and creating a work during an intellectual process, turning this intellectuality into a work of art by reducing it in two or three dimensions are the actions that can be performed by any talented individual. However, it is necessary to follow formal ways during the production of works in order for continuation of the process correctly and rationally. Accordingly, the beginning of art education over the world was created in an attempt to find and follow this formal way. Art education is given not only to produce a work in the right way but also to educate contemporary, innovative individuals who have developed design consciousness, have a different perspective, and sense of social responsibility. Because today's art education cannot be abstracted from the socio-economic and cultural developments in the world.

Therefore, while painting, sculpture and ceramic called the pure arts in the light of emerging technologies, still ensure their importance as the main art branches. Different art branches such as visual communication design, cartoon and animation, industrial design, interior architecture, graphic design, movie design, gastronomy and culinary arts, textile and fashion design that have been operating in more industrial areas have emerged in this process. For this purpose, our faculty provides undergraduate education in the fields of Graphic Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Drama and Acting, Art Direction, Cartoon and Animation and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. Post graduate education in the fields of Visual Arts, Graphic Design and Theatre Directing and proficiency in art (doctorate) education in the field of Graphic Design are given within Social Sciences Institute.

We, as Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Fine Arts, are closely following the developments in the world while giving these educations to our students. Thereby, on the one hand we promote our national and international cooperation and continue our studies on accreditation within the frame of CoHE's higher education quality assurance systems, on the other hand we exchange students and lecturers by benefiting from exchange programs such as Erasmus and Mevlana and making agreements with many national and international universities, we also continue to organize events such as congresses, workshops, exhibits, seminars and conferences on the purpose of promoting these works with our experienced staff.


Vice Dean 

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