Cartoon and Animation


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  Message from the Head of the Department

​​Dear Students;

Cartoon and animation industry has reached a very advanced level along with the developing technology in the world and it has taken its place among the future's professions for the students who have targeted this industry. There is a need in quantity and quality for specialists of cartoon and animation to meet the needs that will grow even more over time.  In this context, IAU Department of Cartoon and Animation started to educate cartoon designers and animators needed in a wide range of sectors such as art, education, cinema, television, advertisement, etc., since the academic year 2013-2014. Accepting students via special talent examinations, our department has all kind off technical equipment and visual equipment such as workplaces, laboratories, animation studios, etc.  

We want to see you among our distinguished graduates who are well-equipped, have outstanding theoretical and technical skills and will participate in different branches of advertising, cinema, multimedia and education sectors at the end of the four-year education that includes the language of cinema and techniques of movie, video, animation and multimedia.

Head of Department of Cartoon and Animation

Assoc. Prof. Arif Can Güngör


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