Virtual Exchange Mobility


Virtual Exchange Mobility

At Istanbul Aydın University, we are happy to extend an invitation to students from our partner universities to join us in the Spring 2021 virtual exchange program.

2 students from each partner university can choose 1 online course from our online course package. The students can join this program for free and for credit, if the student satisfactorily completes online exams/ assignments and subject to the regulations of credit transfer at your own institution. 

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Our Virtual Exchange program covers the following:

1. Tuition fee waived for 1 online course for each student

2. Transferable credits

3. Transcript

4. Introduction to Istanbul Aydın University

5. Curated online readings, videos, and virtual city tours to explore Istanbul and Turkish culture

6. Certificate of Intercultural Learning for students who submit a written assignment after completing the program.


Program duration: 1 semester (4 months)
Program period: February 24- June 12, 2021
Application deadline: Feb 8, 2021

güncelleme: 22.1.2021 11:40