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You can apply to Istanbul Aydin University (IAU) as an exchange student for one or two semesters based on a student exchange agreement between your home university and IAU. 

Once you are nominated by your home university, you must apply for the exchange through our International Office. The following describes the nomination and application process for exchange students.


Take a look at our courses and choose the program that is right for you, in English or Turkish via our ECTS package:   


To apply to IAU for Bilateral Exchange Program, your university needs to have a current Inter-Institutional Agreement with Istanbul Aydin University and you need to be nominated to study at IAU by the International Office at your home university. When your International Office sends your nomination they must include information about your field of study, the year of your study and when you plan to come on your exchange. 


You must then fill in the Application Form. Please send the scanned application form by email and the original copy by post. See the contact information.

With your application form you must send:

a. Transcript of Records issued by your home university, 

b. Learning Agreement, ​

c. Language Certificate (If you will be taking classes in English language programs, B1 level English certificate issued by your home institution is necessary. If you will be taking classes in Turkish language programs, a document issued by your home university indicating your Turkish proficiency level is necessary)

d. One Letter of recommendation from an academic staff of the applicant's home university.

e. One photocopy of the applicant's passport information page. (Please check your Passport expiration date. Your passport must remain valid for the duration of your stay in Turkey.)

f. 4 Recent Photographs (Passport Type): 3.5cm by 4.5cm (Home produced photographs are not accepted. The background of the photo must be white and your face including your ears must be fully visible in the photo.)


Nomination deadline:

Academic Year 2022/2023

May 15 for partner universities (Fall Semester)

November 1 for partner universities (Spring Semester)

Application deadlines: 

Academic Year 2022/2023

June 1 for the fall semester/full academic year 

November 10 for the spring semester


Now select your courses one semester at a time. As an incoming exchange student at IAU, you can access the full curricula of our university at the following link: under the section `Information on Degree Programs`. You should select courses mostly from the IAU program equivalent to your Department at your home university. But you can also select some courses from other departments upon the condition that you meet the prerequisites and the Department academic coordinators at your home university and at IAU approve it.

Full-time studies is equal to 30 ECTS credits per semester. Exchange students are allowed take courses from minimum 9 credits to maximum 30 ECTS credits. In general, one course requires 3 lecture hours at IAU. Students take 3 to 6 courses per semester. IAU follows the ECTS credit system. Transcripts issued by IAU show the ECTS credits of each course taken by the student.

How to Select Your Courses
When choosing your courses,
* check the language of instruction
* check which semester the course will be taught
* click on the course link to access the course syllabus
* full-time studies = 30 ECTS credits/semester

For any academic inquiry related to what courses to select, we advise you to keep at all times in contact with both your Department Academic Coordinator at your home university and the departmental coordinator here at IAU.

Once you selected your courses, download the Learning Agreement and fill it including the course names and codes in the Learning Agreement. You must then have the International Office and your department academic coordinator sign the Learning Agreement.

Learning Agreement (.doc)


After we have received your application and your host department at IAU has approved your application, we will send you an Acceptance Letter with which you will apply for a Student Visa at the nearest Turkish consulate in your home country. You will also receive an Exchange Student Information Package with useful information.

*  Documents which are not in English or Turkish should be translated and notarized.

* Additional documents may be required if necessary and special conditions may apply for some countries.


International students who plan to study in Turkey must obtain a Student Visa at the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate in their home country before their arrival in Turkey. 
Important: Different visa procedures apply and different documents are required by Turkish embassies for citizens of different countries. Therefore obtaining country-specific information about the visa application procedure and necessary documents from the Turkish Consulate/Embassy in your home country.
Please be advised that visa procedures may take very long; students are ought to start their application procedure at least six to twelve weeks prior to the starting date of their study mobility period.


1. Registration: Please contact the International Academic Relations Office staff immediately after your arrival in order to finalize your registration and pick up your University ID card.

2. Residence permit: Within one month of your arrival, you have to apply for your residence permit ONLINE. Please, immediately make your appointment at this link upon your arrival to İstanbul; 

3. Health Insurance: One of the requirements to obtain a residence permit is to have health insurance valid for the duration of your stay in Turkey. IAU International Students and Staff Affairs office will help you obtain health insurance.

Exchange students are required to apply for a residence permit within 30 days from their arrival in Turkey. Further information on the regulations that apply to Exchange students in terms of Residence permit appointment can be accessed at the following link:

IAU International Office assists Exchange students during their residence permit application and arranges an institutional appointment with the representatives of the Directorate General for Migration Management in Istanbul in Florya Campus.


At the beginning of each term, IAU International Office holds a mandatory orientation program for new exchange students. This program will be sent to you beforehand and is designed to provide you with valuable information and facilitate your transition to Istanbul Aydin University. Plus, it constitutes a great opportunity for socializing and getting to meet the other exchange students and IAU and its representatives.
By participating in  Student Orientation, you will gain essential information about:
- Residence permit rules and regulations that affect your visa status
- Student health services and health insurance requirements at IAU
- Academic life at IAU and how to register for classes 
- Campus and community resources-campus tour
- Opportunities to meet other new international and domestic students at IAU 
- Opportunities to meet Departmental Coordinators
All newly admitted exchange students are required to attend orientation and the immigration document check-in.
Student Exchange Program Facts & Information Sheet

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