IAU, in order to see to it that the university students stay in a peaceful, secure, comfortable, pleasant and hygienic atmosphere, has made an agreement with a large number of private dormitories and housing facilities in In the vicinity of university campuses. They provide our students with accommodation alternatives such as single, double, triple, and suite rooms at affordable rates. For further information and requests, please contact ISSA Office.

Due to IAU’s central location, there are a lot of private dormitories which can be found around it. Some of these dormitories are for male students only, some of them are for female students only and some of them are mixed.

For further information about IAU female students dormitory, please click the following link:

Cost Of Living in Istanbul
The cost of living depends partly on your own spending habits. In general living expenses are reasonable in Istanbul especially in comparison with Western European Countries. The average cost of living in Istanbul, including room and board amounts to 150-600 Euros per month depending on the type of accommodation you choose. However, you may need more money than the above amount in case you plan to buy extras or get involved in various leisure activities etc.  
Sharing a flat among students, particularly for exchange students, is a common preference with a cost around 150 to 400 Euros including rent of a furnished apartment, electricity, water, heating and sometimes the Internet. On the average, 300-400 Euros per month is sufficient for a student to cover his/her living expenses.

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