As one of the projects of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Education, Children’s Education Application and Research Center (Children's University) was opened on Sunday, February 10, 2013 with an announcement in the Official Gazette.

The Center is working with students between the ages of 5-12 by conducting the Education and Training in the form of winter schools and summer schools. In the Center, which also carries out Family Trainings, Teacher Training and Institutional Trainings in addition to students, it is aimed to introduce students to different courses that they do not take in schools, different subjects or different people and to expand the world of students. As a member of the European Children's Universities Network (EUCU.NET), as well as adopting the "Children's University Vision and Mission" of the European Children's Universities Network, the center actively participates in all international congresses and activities of the European Children's Universities Network. Adopting the principle of embracing all groups and all children of our country with paid and free trainings, the center offers free workshop programs to public and private schools on campus or at schools.

In order for gifted and talented students to be enrolled in the institution, families are required to submit the results of the "General Ability Test" that shows that their children are at the Superior Intelligence Level. In order to be accepted into the gifted education program, students must be above 95% of their peers and perform at the top 5% level. Doing the General Ability Tests in a private institution or a government institution is sufficient. Our students at normal intelligence level are required to fill in the registration form at and contact the institution.

The center integrates the "Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking Skills" into the training programs and they are prepared with the support of the Faculty of Education. While it is preferred that the Faculty Members entering the course are primarily from our university, teachers or Faculty members of other institutions can be chosen for the fields or departments that are not in our university.

Enrichment education not only introduces students to different interests and topics, but also supports their critical and creative thinking. Presenting differences and topics by prompting the high-level thinking processes guides students to think differently and at a higher level both about these fields and about daily life.

The education program implemented in our Children's University is a program that emerged as a result of examining many different applications and models implemented abroad and in the US. In the four-stage program, the first stage involves giving five different workshops to our students during the term. This part includes a general enrichment education. In the second stage, the distinctive needs of the students become clear and they are guided according to their needs. This communication includes a more psychological and technical guidance such as study skills-responsibility. In the third stage, fields of interest and ability are determined in line with the interest and success of the students in the workshops. In the fourth stage, in-depth programs are offered to students within the scope of their interests and abilities.

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