It is celebrated as the European Science and Entertainment Day on the last Friday of September every year in Europe. With activities organized in all 33 countries and in 250 cities all day round, people from all walks of life come together and spend a joyful day with various activities, shows and intertwined with science and entertainment.  From scientific experiments to concerts, from exhibitions to demonstrations, from open sessions to games, the aim of this beaufitul day is to create a culture of science and encourage people to love science.

The event, which was hosted by Istanbul Aydın University in 2014-2015, started in Florya campus on September 26th, 2014 at 11:00 in the morning and continued until 02:00 am with various experimental workshops, simulators, different workshops, exhibitions, speakers and entertainments.

In order to make new discoveries and discoveries in the future, the participation of approximately 10,000 people, mostly children and young people, was provided with the support of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education to the "European Science and Entertainment Day, Istanbul 2014" event which will was organized to increase the interest of young generations to science.

In this activity, our Children's University takes part in organizational and educational terms; supported the project with film screenings about the lives of scientists and inventors, electric-electronics workshop, robotics observations, astronomical observations and internet based astronomy studies, Molecular Biology Experiments, Mind Games and Fun Science Experiments.


In May 2015, "What we Recommend" workshops were held in Istanbul Aydın University Children's University with the students of 12-15 age group. These workshops were carried out as an activity of the SIS Catalyst project run by the University of Liverpool.  In these workshops, firstly, it was discussed what information is useful for children in life, what factors are positive on the education of individuals, which ones have negative effects, and what are the obstacles to learning of individuals. Discussions were held with the children on this subject and on how to overcome the obstacles to the education of people in the second stage.  At the end of these discussions, suggestions were taken from the students about what can be done to increase the number of people who receive education and higher education.  Suggestions received are recorded on video; Shared via youtube.

SIS catalyst aims to facilitate the mobilization of science activities for children, to be easily accessible and widespread in the society, and for this purpose to mobilize inter-country mobilization of political processes. While the target audience of the formation is part of the high school, the formation works on social integration of all children into society and encouragement to higher education.

SIS Catalyst progresses through three themes:
Listening to children
To recognize the importance of children's dialogue with politicians
To support these dialogues to ensure that children's voice is delivered to media and policy makers.


Dean Prof. Dr. Hamide Ertepınar as the Scientific Advisor Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Education, Project Technical Coordinator was Children's University Principal was Assist. Prof. Ayşin KAPLAN SAYI; Istanbul Aydın University, with its project supported by Istanbul Development Agency, has received a project support for our children, who have been identified as being at the same time special socio-economic level and at the same time twice disadvantaged. Accordingly, the Faculty of Education and the Child Education Application and Research Center has established a curriculum model that integrates thinking skills in different courses in accordance with their needs in order to provide psychological, social and cognitive development of specially gifted children.

The project aims to screen 3000 children at the second, third, fourth and fifth grade level in the districts of Esenler, Bayrampaşa, Güngören and Küçükçekmece and to receive enrichment education of 300 special talented students. Students who will be subjected to enrichment education consisting of Thinking Skills, Fun Science, Astronomy, English, Graphic - Web Design and Music courses for 8 weeks will also interview with individuals who are experts in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal development with "Talent Meetings". Besides, the education of the students and the families of the selected students constitute the other bases of the project.

Families will be educated in the characteristics, parental attitudes, discipline and boundaries, effective communication, perfectionism and asynchronization in and of gifted children. When we look at the studies of gifted children so far in our country, these studies are generally progressing as different subjects to the horizontal enrichment curriculum or adding different courses to the school program. However, gifted children need a "vertical enrichment" to be developed with the integration of thinking skills on the basis of curricula which will increase their thinking capacities, enable them to do mental processes and support their creativity. With this project, an idea will be given to the public about how vertical enrichment is done in different courses and an example will be presented.


 "Improving E-Learning Training Competencies Of  Adult Education Teachers'' is a project which is run within Erasmus-K1. It aims to develop the skills of 20 adults with distant learning. Project was prepared by AKETH, Istanbul Aydın University, IGovernorship, Istanbul Technical University, Global Eğitim, Culture and Communication Association. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşin Kaplan had been working as a researcher on behalf of Istanbul Aydın University. In this context, 20 adults conducted six workshops on "Distance Education"in their countries before the project and all the presentations presented in the workshops were published on 

At the end of the workshops, adults were certified by "AKETH" after having been trained AKETH, an adult education center in Trikala, Greece, between the dates of November 5-13, 2016.  At the end of the training, the participants learned the application of "Moodle", an LMS, and introduced and taught the "Moodle" system within the scope of the dissemination activity to the teachers and students in the relevant environment.


The project was written by Assistant Director Dr. Ayşin Kaplan Sayı in 2016; Supported by Istanbul Development Agency. The project covers the opening of a total of 12 Support Training Rooms for Special Talented Children in Istanbul Aydın University, Kucukcekmece, Gungoren, Esenler, Bayrampasa and Kadikoy districts. According to this, the project covers the preparation of 12 support training rooms within the scope of the project activities, 3,000 regular students and their parents having been subjected to the "Our Differences, Our Wealth" seminar. The project is in the fifth month; the work still continues.

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